Kuldesak (1997)

| 103 minutes

Movie Story

The film comprises of four different stories of four different people. All of them represent the obsession for freedom and independence. This work depicts the contemporary issues of youth from different unrelated aspects. The single idea that runs through these stories is the description of youths’ views towards the shifting world.
The film presents four “stories ” that do not connect between one and another, except the idea of describing today’s world of the youth from their own perspectives, -a world that is often misunderstood by the older generation. Each of the main four characters in the stories has their own dreams, desires, obsessions, and problems. Generally, these are unfulfilled expectations and dreams. What is unique about this movie is the form used in which the youth world is acutely represented. This form is very close to the style of video clips that appear frequently on MTV. This is a film that is truly “liberated” from the Indonesian film history. The success of this film lies in the representation of the world of youth that seems to be in both real and virtual at once as if this is a world that is freed from value. The filmmakers also seemed to keep the film free of their personal values. They just want to share it with the audience.