Gie (2004)

| 127 minutes

Movie Story

The film is based on the life and struggle of Soe Hok Gie, an activist cum writer who lives in the 1960’s. It features the story of a man who always goes against the mainstream. Gie is known as the unswerving, honest and uncompromising person. Sometimes people cannot stand his honesty. His love for the country and the campus world drive him to always speak up when he sees that things are going to the wrong direction. He is badly disappointed when he sees that the struggle against tyranny and the regime in power at the time, gas actually made way to a new regime which leads to the slaughter of millions of alleged communists, including his childhood friend, Tjin Han. Time passes. The people around him begin to adjust with the new regime; some are even exposed to corruption. He refuses to remain silent, although he can “enter” into the circle of power and the military. His friends abandon him due to these ideals. He is also turned down by the woman he loves. Only in nature he feels appreciated and accepted for who he is. Perhaps the first Indonesian film which tells about an actual person but manage to avoid the use of praises. It tries to represent the character in its various dimensions. Although the character is seemingly alienated during his time, but he is relevant in a contemporary time when respectable figures from the Electoral Commission are being investigated for corruption, and consumerism pervades the society. The photographic element in the movie is also presented in the 1970’s nuances.

  • Festival Film Indonesia 2005 Winner Best Actor (Piala Citra) Nicholas Saputra
  • Festival Film Indonesia 2005 Winner Best Film (Piala Citra)
  • Festival Film Indonesia 2005 Winner Best Cinematography (Piala Citra)