Audiovisual products, such as TV-programs and films, reflect the time we live in and show, in retrospective, how time has progressed. In short: they are the national memories of a country.

But audiovisual products are fragile. Film prints, video and audio tapes deteriorate easily without proper care and storage system. They need to be stored in climate controlled rooms in order to maintain its original quality. Indonesian films are mostly not stored in climate controlled rooms. Film materials are deteriorating and videotapes become unwatchable due to the humidity and heat in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Film Center Foundation (IdFilmCenter Foundation) is deeply concerned about the condition of Indonesia’s audiovisual heritage. We collect and digitize as many Indonesian audio-visual materials as possible in order to give Indonesians access to their audio-visual heritage, now or in the future, to enable them to stay connected with their history.

We digitized part of the collection of the Sinematek (among others films from Usmar Ismail, Sjumandjaja, Teguh Karya etcetera). We have an MoU with the IKJ filmschool, museum Sonobudoyo in Jogjakarta, the Soekarno Foundation, PFN (Produksi Film Negara) etc. etc.

In 2018 the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam and the IdFilmCenter Foundation restored the Indonesian classic “Tjoet Nja Dhien” (1988) and we restored the film “Aladin” (1953).

We handle not only the older materials (from 1949 till now). We also collect all audiovisual productions that are made at this moment and the years to come. Therefore we have built a ‘Virtual Film Museum’, This bilingual (Indonesian & English) website was launched October 2011. In this ‘virtual film museum’ we collect short films, music videos, documentaries, commercials and trailers. On the website we also have 700 film-items from the Dutch Eye Filmmuseum and the Dutch TV museum (Beeld & Geluid) about the Dutch East Indies from the period 1912 till 1965.

Now, in CineCenter, IdFilmCenter has found a place for its Film Library. IdFilmCenter has a collection of 5000 films and a collection of film-books. In the Lounge people can sit and watch a movie from the library.